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If we don´t live to serve, we don´t serve to live

Non- profit entity, established on 30 September 1999 by ministerial agreement No 099 at the Ministry of labour and Social Action.


We are a non-profit social organization, inspired by the Schoenstatt apostolic movement, dedicated to the integral development of the families who live in extreme poverty in the city of Guayaquil, through the áreas of education, health, subsistence, social and



Thanks to the commitment of the benefactors, collaborators and volunteers who make our social work possible.


To be in 2020 a sustainable social organization with a high level of professionalism and vocation of service, recognized as a reference point in the provision of the quality services in terms of community development and comprehensive care of vulnerable families with limited resources in the city of Guayaquil.


Corporacion Compartir began in 1997 and was born thanks to the spirt of solidarity of a group of members of the Schoenstatt Movement, who were sensitive to the many tragedies that occurred during those years because of the harsh winters caused by the phenomenon of the child, and they decided to unite and voluntarily constitute an organization of social help.


Due to the serious social situation caused by this tragedy, Corporacion Compartir directs all its actions to contribute to the protection of families in a situation of poverty and extreme vulnerability in the areas most affected by the natural disaster.

The planning and execution of the proyects were focused on mitigating the desperate situation with few ways out that a large number of Ecuadorian families were facing before the different events of this emergency, creating a working group that started its work in very depressed communities in the northwest of the city such as Bastion Popular, el Fortín and Flor de Bastión.



Since the beginning of the organization, we have been committed to protecting the most vulnerable, generating social intervention projects that prioritize the needs of protection and assistance, based on the promotion and defense of human rights, developing an important humanitarian work, motivated by the sole interest of serving the neediest, with the aim of protecting families, alleviating suffering and safeguarding human dignity. Motivated by the sole interest of serving the neediest and protected by Christian values.


Thus, since its formal constitution in 1999, Corporación Compartir has been dedicated to social service for the attention of vulnerable groups in the city of Guayaquil, establishing as its foundational objectives the development and strengthening of the neediest communities through actions of integral assistance to priority population.



Relocation of human groups who lost their homes in the floods. With Father Chicho (Fr. Carleti). From the sector of Bastion Popular, the housing program ¨Maria Auxiliadora¨was carried out, managing to relocate about 50 families, who were given land and a house.

Due to the flooding of the San Isidro shrimp farm (OJO EN ESPAÑOL DICE “CAMARONA”), on the way to the coast, near Cerecita, 20 houses were delivered to the victims of this tragedy, as well as the delivery of food, clothing and house equipment to those who lost everything.


Improvement of the infrastructure of the Shelter for incurable diseases (AEI) by building a pavilion for 24 patiens, with all the specifications required for this type of service.


Implementation of the first nursery in ¨Hogar de Nazareth¨, where the children of people with terminal illnesses were cared for and protected, coordinating actions with state institutions.  This activity of care for orphans led the organization to establish contact with the Sisters of Charity of Mother ¨Teresa de Calcuta¨, managing to organize a pavilion for the care of these children and being this a new activity for this congregation, it was the same Mother Teresa who approved this new activity for the sisters and thus began this great work, for the benefit of so many unprotected children.,


From all the humanitarian work carried out since the begining of the organization, we have been able to establish the continuity of the projects, and since the year 2000 we have been developing different humanitarian aid initiatives. This has allowed ¨Corporacion Compartir¨to consolidate itself as a non-profit social organization, dedicated to contribute in a integral manner to the protection of families living in extreme poverty in the city of Guayaquil, through programs and projects in the areas of education, health, livelihood, social management and evangelization, thanks to the commitment of benefactors, partners, collaborators and volunteers who make our social work possible.


Lcda. María Eugenia Vinueza Vallarino


Lcda. Dalia Giselle Arias Ariza


María Antonieta Briz Otero


Ab. María de los Ángeles Giler Echeverria


Inés Herminia Gonzenbach Gómez 


Ing. Betty Elizabeth Ladd Morante


Florentino Briz Muñoz


Beatriz Londoño Botero


Carlos Buenaventura 


Padre José Luis 


Francisco Briz Briz 


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