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SINCE 2006 Corporacion Compartir has established inclusive community-based development as one of its areas of action. This community intervention model includes 5 main lines of action: education, health, support, social and strengthening.


The most important characteristic of this work approach is the participation of different actors, who articulate themselves and achieve a greater impact on the programs and projects implemented at the level of the most vulnerable communities in the city of Guayaquil.


The objectives of this strategy are to develop processes of linkages with the framework of a multi-sector strategy oriented towards the defense of rights and community development.




  • Promotion

  • Medical care

  • Rehabilitation

  • Assistance devices



  • Early child hood

  • Primary education

  • Upper secondary education

  • Non-formal education

  • Education learning for life.



  • Skills development

  • Gainful employment

  • Financial services

  • Social protection



  • Personal assistance

  • Relationships, marriage and family

  • Culture and arts

  • Recreation, leisure and sports



  • Defense and communication

  • Community mobilization

  • Political participation

  • Support groups

  • Organization of people with disabilities

Areas de acción DI


The objective of this management is directed towards the improvement of health conditions through promotion prevention, care, rehabilitation and assistance devices.


The actions emphasize promoting access to health services at the local level, coordinating actions with public and private sector actors.  Ensuring that priority attention groups in remote areas of the northwest of the city improve their health conditions.



The objective of this management is to promote inclusive education at all levels.


This area of action is strengthened through the work in partnership with the organization Mission Norwegian Alliance in Ecuador, a key actor with whom a collaborative work is established that seeks to promote inclusive education in the northwest territory of the city of Guayaquil.


Developing actions aimed at encouraging the application of the inclusive educational model, guiding the actors involved towards the development of inclusive practices at the educational and social level, promoting positive attitudes towards disability and commitment to improving the quality of education.


The objective is based on promoting work and income generation, as a means of enabling families in the most vulnerable sectors to meet their needs and reduce poverty levels.


This component generates initiatives for the productive inclusion of communities through the modality of self-employment, promoting entrepreneurship.


For the development of projects we have the participation of key actors among which the parents' association of Mount Tabor Nazareth School stands out, promoting the development of families that are in a situation of extreme vulnerability.

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 10.40.02.png


It fosters spaces that promote social inclusion from the family nucleus to society in general.


In the social area, we manage actions of articulation with social development actors at the community level, to guarantee citizen participation and the empowerment of the population towards the construction of more inclusive communities.


The development of the proposals of community social management is linked to the neighborhood councils that promote the initiatives.


Strengthening is the cross-cutting theme of the different areas of action of the Compartir Corporation in inclusive development and focuses on the empowerment of families and their communities.


Developing actions that seek to promote participation, capacity building and collective work for the defense of rights.


The community work tables are the most effective empowerment strategy, through which the leadership capacities of the families are strengthened and replicated in actions that generate advocacy proposals for social change.

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